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Wrong Math Course

Are you struggling to find motivation to get any math homework done? 

Would you rather watch a movie than do your math homework?  

If you said yes to the first question (ignore the second one :)), you are probably in the wrong math course.  Mathematics is

the last course on your list that you want to resist doing practice.  Mathematics is probably the subject that will require the most of your focus time.  You will be competing against students that do the required practice questions.  So you cannot afford to be left out.  They will know more than you do just simply by doing more practice questions than you do.   If your parents are forcing you to sign up for a math course  in which you just cannot get yourself to practice, sit down with them and explain why you cannot do it.  If they don't listen, get Mr.Emin to do it for you :).
















   While quality tutoring can make a significant difference for many students, for those that aren't motivated to practice, the results will not be satisfactory.  This tends to be more of a problem in families that have an older child that had no problems in math and, as a result, become standard for the younger children in the family.   Sometimes the younger children aren't as strong in mathematics as the older ones.  So expectations for math shouldn't be the same.   

It's better to have a student in a math course they find a bit challenging and not overwhelming than taking a course in which they cannot pass.  You can usually find out if a course is too difficult for you after 1 or 2 units.  If you cannot find the motivation to do lots of homework, drop the course and try an easier level.  In most cases, the first two units are as easy as the course will get.  

My extensive teaching and tutoring experience gives the edge to quickly identify if that's the situation for you or your child. I have encountered many students that have been at the wrong level.  It's one thing to be struggling with math, it's a completely different matter to not do homework.  In the case a student struggles, there is hope with top quality math tutoring lessons.  If you are at the wrong level, you need to know that as soon as possible to act appropriately.  



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