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When I first bring up the idea of online tutoring to a parent or sometimes even to university students, they give you

this look that says "are you kidding me?"  You might be surprised to hear me say that online tutoring is as effective as in-person one-to-one tutoring or teaching.  There's only one catch though.   You need to have a tutor that knows how to tutor well and has great technology to effectively explain the content to you.   I have tutored many students online that quite enjoyed it.  It's certainly not for  everyone, especially if you have issues with concentration.  For most students, this method of tutoring is very pleasant.  

Online Learning

Some tips on making online tutoring work for you:

(1) Please do not assume that my tutoring service is like anything you have seen before.  During covid-19 pandemic, one of my most satisfied students with in-person tutoring wouldn't even bother trying online tutoring.  She insisted that she will drop her statistics 1024 course at Western University and retake it next year.  I waited for 2 weeks and thought to myself no this can't be right.  I don't want her to redo the whole course.   So I insisted she tries.  She said no again but I didn't give up.  Then I remembered to ask her if she has ever had any online tutoring.  Her answer?  Yes and it was pretty bad.  She didn't absorb anything with her previous tutor.    That's when I laughed and asked her these simple questions;  Do you think I would ask you to try something I know will not work for you?  Do I give you that impression?   After that discussion, she finally gave it a try.  And guess what?  She passed her course and had 8 online tutoring sessions in April 2020.  

(2) You must have paper and pencil and be prepared to write solutions to problems.  If you are going to spend the sessions solving questions orally, you will not like it and won't benefit from it either.  Math is most learned in writing.  

(3) Headphones are necessary.  You want to hear only my voice during the tutoring session to reduce distractions and have quality audio service.  Usually the headphones of your smartphone are good enough for this purpose.   

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