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These are genuine testimonials.  As you read them, I want you to envision you will be as satisfied as those students in the comments below.  These are typical results and display exactly how most of my students feel about the quality tutoring sessions.  Looking forward to helping all of you!

Student Comments
Student Comments

“Mr. Emin has been a tremendous support as my tutor for the past three years, both in high school and in university. He has a way of simplifying concepts that make it easier to understand and provides numerous examples to ensure my understanding. He is very patient and uses a variety of techniques to present information in a less complex way than presented in lectures. I am so grateful for his support and attribute much of my success to his expertise and advice.  Courses he has tutored me in include grade 11, 12 calculus & vectors and higher functions. In university he has aided me in math 1225 and 1229, as well as, second year statistics 2035.”  

-Elyse F (Student got into Ivey School of Business)


“Mr.Emin has been my math tutor for my past two years of university. He is by far the best tutor I have had, as I have seen a tremendous change in my grades and understanding of math. Since high school I struggled with math and in university with his help my marks significantly improved. I needed tutoring for three math university courses and received grades of 90 or above for all, with my most recent mark at 97% final grade. I highly recommend his tutoring, as his methods are clear, easy to follow, and he makes sure you understand each concept before moving forward. I have recommended him to multiple friends and they all had similar great experiences!”

— Martina S. Math 1225, Psych 2830 (Student got into Ivey School of Business)


"I was struggling with stats and not scoring well/failing on my quizzes. My friend recommended Mr.Emin and after just one session, I began to understand strategies to tackle the problems! Mr. E was so encouraging, fun to learn with, and gave me so much confidence in my ability to do well in the course!! He was also very flexible in time and would answer my questions at any time of day!  the end I was scoring 90s on exams and ended with an 88 in the course! Ive already recommended him to a number of students and would encourage anyone looking for a tutor to get in contact with him! Thank you for a great year Mr. E! “

-Jenna, psych 2810 student 


“Mr. Emin has been a major asset towards my university career. Without his one on one sessions I would not have achieved the grades in math that were necessary for me to continue in my program. He has assisted me with Math 1228, 1024 and Psych Stats 2810. He is focused and helpful, as well as clear and accurate. He is very understanding that some students may require explicit or repeated explanation of a concept, as I myself needed many times. I tried many other student tutors before meeting Mr. E, however they were not helpful. Mr. Emin’s teaching ability is what makes him the best tutor. He does not only know how to do math problems, but is aware of how to explain them to someone who is encountering them for the first time. His prices are completely reasonable for his qualifications. He offers many materials to his student for free as well, including previous exams and practice questions, which are very useful for studying purposes. Mr.Emin has overall been an excellent tutor, and I encourage anyone looking for math assistance to seek his tutoring services!"

-Charlotte H. (Honours Specialization in Psychology, 3rd Year)


“Mr. Emin is absolutely an amazing instructor. After being referred to Mr.Emin by a peer, I was very relieved as I began to enjoy the content. He teaches his students to be more efficient at answering test questions, using quick and easy methods. He is very patient and motivates his students to improve and master important skills needed to succeed throughout the course-definitely recommend.”.

-Sandra S. Math 1228 student

When I found grade 12 math to be a struggle, I looked to Mr.Emin  to help me improve my decent grade to the one that was going to get me into a high-averaged university program, and I was not disappointed. I really appreciated Mr.Emin’s patience and amazing talent to turn what looked foreign to me into simple concepts. With his help I grasped a better understanding of the course and my mark greatly improved, leading me to ace the final exam. What stands out about him is how much he cares for his students. He wanted me to succeed, wished me luck on every test and when I was cramming the night before a math test and had a question, almost instantly a picture of my problem and some tips would appear on my phone. Being tutored by him was an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

-Sarah, gr.12 math

“Mr. Emin is a very friendly math tutor who has helped me with MATH 0110 ,1229 and 1228.  I would not have achieved a 90 on my final exam without his excellent notes.  Very professional service – look forward to working with him in future math courses!”.

-Kurtis M. Math 0110, math 1229 and math 1228


“Thanks Mr Emin! I have really benefitted from our tutoring sessions, you’re able to explain things in lamen terms very well, which helps non-math majors understand concepts better! I will continue to refer anybody I know looking for math help to you.  I really learned a lot, I thought it was all money well spent. If I ever need help with anything like that again, I certainly know who to call!”.

-Ryan, UWO Math 1225, Econometrics student


"96% on math 1225 final exam, 94% final mark in the course.  Thanks again.  It was awesome being your student.”

-Paul Math 1225 Student (Student got into medical school)


“Mr.Emin  is an extremely knowledgeable and helpful tutor when it came to Business Statistics. I had tried 2 other math tutors before I found him and neither of them were helpful. What I found helpful was that not only did he teach me and help me understand the concepts as well as theories, but he also used his own questions to teach, and when I got to the assigned homework I breezed through it. I would highly recommend him for University math, I used him for MOS2242 and without him would genuinely have not passed the course. I would not hesitate to use him in the future.”

-Jake , UWO honours Accounting, MOS 2242(Business Statistics))


"I have worked with Mr.Emin in four different courses now: Math 0110, Math 1228, Math 1229, and MOS 2242. I can say without a doubt that working with him has bumped up my grades by at least 15-20%. I’m not a math minded person so I really need math concepts broken down into simple pieces and explained clearly. This is his specialty, not only is he knowledgeable he can EXPLAIN very well how and why we came up with a solution. This as far as I’m concerned is the single most important trait in a tutor.  Before I started working with Mr.Emin I had sampled many other tutors in London but none fully fit my criteria for a good tutor. After my first session with Mr.Emin, I knew that this was the kind of tutor that would help me achieve the grades I wanted.  You most definitely get your moneys worth. I definitely recommend!”                                                                     -Alex, UWO student (math 0110, 1228,1229, MOS 2242))

“I am so thankful I found such a great math tutor.   I have needed help from several tutors in the past but none of them had helped me as much as Mr.Emin.  I actually felt like I learned the curriculum enough to recall it in the future, instead of simply memorizing how to get the answer.  He is the first person I go to for math help, and will be the last!  Thank you."

-Laura, UWO student, Stats 1024, Math 1228 and SOC 2205

"90 in calc! Couldn’t have done it with you."                                                            -Jonathan,  calculus 1000 student (student got into Ivey School of Business)

"After not being enrolled in a mathematics class since high school I was terrified to take statistics in my forth year of university.  Math has always been a weakness of mine where I have not excelled.  However, after seeking tutoring with you., I was able to succeed in my statistics class and earn a grade over the class average, without the stress that comes along with struggling through a course.  You made complex statistical concepts seem simple by working through the concepts with me step by step. I am so grateful to have found such a great tutor!"

-Carys, UWO Psych 2830

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