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I help students with all grades of math at the high school level, including Data Management, Advanced Functions, and Calculus and Vectors.  I have significant past experience in tutoring which helps me in providing you with some of the best tutoring service you can get.  I have tutored students at many of the local high schools including Central, CCH, STA, SAB, Medway, Beal, Saunders, Montcalm, RMC, and South.  

You should not have to settle for low marks.  Math should not scare you or cause stress.  If you follow my recommendations there is no reason why you will not do well.    It’s often the case that your child isn’t doing well because they need someone who explains math a little bit better than their teacher.  With one to one tutoring, I can assess where you are after 1 or 2 sessions.  Most students are surprised when I tell them I know more about their courses than their own teacher, but it’s  true!

Teacher Helping Student

I tutor students one on one teaching your child all concepts one at a time, going at a pace that your child is most comfortable with.  I know the high school math curriculum in Ontario really well that I don’t need to refer to textbooks at all.  I can easily teach university level math up to second year university.  I have the ability to think at a student’s level and ask questions that they would find relevant and would help them identify their strengths and weaknesses.

I am well aware of typical mistakes students make in all grades 9 to 12.  This works to your child’s advantage as with my help, he or she will make fewer mistakes and write tests with more confidence.  I am used to hearing my students and their parents tell me that I teach math much better than their classroom instructor.  I am also used to seeing my students achieve far better test results in their courses.

Study habits are critical.  You cannot expect to do well without proper study habits.  You also cannot expect to do well if you don’t enjoy math.  So I try to make it fun and teach you a few things about studying that make a significant difference when followed properly.  Unfortunately, nowadays we think teenagers are assigned too much homework and that it discourages them from studying, overwhelms them and is unnecessary.   Yet, our high school class averages are low.  When you have to stay up until 1 in morning to finish homework only then you can say you have done enough homework.  I’m just joking here, but really you got to do more homework if you want to boost your grades.

I ask you to think about some of the most intelligent mathematicians of all time, such as Isaac Newton, Carl Friedsich Gauss, or Archimedes of Syracuse.  They surely solved a lot of problems to be able to come up with all kinds of formulas we use today in all fields of math.



“Don’t underestimate the power of extra practice.  It will prevent you from making “silly” mistakes.”  Mr.Emin

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