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I have an Honours Bachelor degree in pure mathematics and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) .  I got 100% on my first year Calculus Exam in University.  I am certified to teach high school mathematics.  I have been regularly tutoring and teaching for over a decade.  While in teacher’s college, I gave lessons in data management and grade 10 academic math.   My associate teachers were impressed by my ability to simplify complicated concepts such as probability and my interaction with all students.



Teaching Experience

I have experience teaching and marking Grade 12 math (Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors) through Columbia International College.    I have also taught mathematics and statistics at the International Test Pilot School (ITPS) here in London, Ontario.  I have conducted private review sessions for 4 to 5 courses at Western University for several years.  This gives me an added advantage over high school math teachers who don’t see university math content to know what’s relevant.  It also gives me an added advantage in tutoring university students as the content is always fresh in my mind.  I also private tutor over 10 courses at Western on a regular basis.

Teaching Assistant Experience

I was a teaching assistant (T.A.) for first and second year university level math courses for 3 consecutive years while studying in university in my undergraduate years.  These courses included Introductory Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra 1, and Linear Algebra 2.  Very few people can be smart enough to be a T.A. for a first year math course while only in second year  .  I reviewed all topics covered weekly in my students’ math classes and solved various questions to prepare them for tests and final exams.  I was nominated for the Teaching Assistant Award by some of my students for first year calculus. They enjoyed my teaching style, clarity of my explanations and how much I really wanted them to succeed.

Teaching Methodology

The most important part of good teaching is asking your students the right questions about the concepts they work on and giving them a clear response so that they are not confused. Why do we use this formula and not that one?  If we use formula A, how do we go about doing so?  Where should you be really careful when you take this approach? When would this approach not work? Why wouldn’t it work?  These are some critical questions I enjoy asking my students at every tutoring session and doing my best to answer with as much clarity as possible.  It takes a lot of talent to answer these.  A teacher or tutor would have to know the concepts extremely well to have all appropriate answers and ask important questions.

I love coming up with new fresh examples each semester. It’s always exciting to create examples that students learn so much that they feel smart.  See, that is my main goal in tutoring!  I want my student to feel smart by the end of the session.


Many teachers nowadays are happy enough with the salary they earn and the job security they have that they don’t really care enough to go an extra step and explain math.  They keep reusing the same examples, same worksheets, same tests.  For instance, at Central Secondary School they have been using the same worksheets for calculus and vectors for over 9 years!


Math is nowhere as complicated as it seems, and having someone explain it to you at a level you would understand can make a significant difference in how you process the information.  I have a natural talent for quickly identifying students’ weaknesses and developing a strategy to turn weaknesses into strengths.  Explaining math is my passion in life.  Students can see the passion and they love it!  It all started in grade 11 when I would help my classmates with their homework.


Other Things

– I am a proud father of two beautiful kids, a baby girl and a 7-year-old boy.

-I am a life learner.  If I am awake and free, I will be learning something that day.  I am particularly interested in learning about productivity and efficiency.

-I enjoy watching all kinds of sports including soccer, baseball,  and basketball.

-I love investing in the stock market.  I enjoy spending time valuing companies.  I consider myself a value investor.  


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