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Would you like to know which math course you should take next to smoothly reach your career goals?

Are you in the right math course at the moment?  

Are you prepared for the next math course you will take?    

















When I help you, I make sure you are prepared for years ahead.  It becomes my responsibility to not only 

help you learn math to the best of your abilities now, but also be prepared for what is to come next.   This is

the part where most high school math teachers fail.  You learn something now and you are not told why you

learn it or why it will be important.  The result is a heavy focus on how the solutions are written and a lack of

attention to what matters most.   

Each year I tutor many students at Western University that got great marks in high school but are not prepared

foruniversity level math.  Their teachers failed them.  There is no reason why someone that got a 70% in grade 12 shouldn't keep such marks in university.   I also tutor many students that got low marks in high school but to their surprise do reasonably well in university.   You could make the argument that a mark is just a number.  It often is.

It doesn't reflect any degree of in-depth understanding of mathematics. 


Career Path:  


As London's most experienced math tutor and certified math teacher, I can look ahead and help you in your decision 

making.  Sometimes parents and students don't listen to me and take a path that is not optimal.  For those that 

listen, their path to their dream career becomes smoother.   

If you would like help in post-secondary program selection, high school course selections, or any inquiries regarding university programs, please contact me.  I would be happy to sit down with you and explain what your best options are.   

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