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I have lots of experience teaching and tutoring at both the high school and university level. I have a degree in teaching mathematics so this is my specialty. I know most courses by heart without having to resort to textbooks.  I know how to verbally explain well the mathematics behind all content I teach.  If you want the best tutoring experience, schedule a session and you will see why  I should be your first choice :).  

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Why should I pick you to be my tutor? 

I start by asking you if you have any questions. If so, I clarify them for you.  If not, I begin teaching you everything you need to know for a topic you wish to study.  By the end of a session, you walk away with great notes you should use for studying.  If you fail to look over the notes we take, you will likely have wasted your time.  I highly recommend you study the notes and attempt some of the examples all over again.  

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How do the tutoring sessions work?

It depends on how well you understand the fundamentals needed to handle your current math course.  Assuming you know

the basics well enough, usually one session a week is good.  If you haven't done any math for a while or have forgotten what you learned in your previous math courses, you might need 2 to 3 sessions a week.  

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How many sessions will I need?
Will tutoring make a difference?  My grades are low

Before the first tutoring session, you will know if this will work for you or not.  I'm not going to waste your time and money if I know it's not going to work.  There have been rare cases that I have told students this course is extremely difficult for you and I don't think I can make a difference.  In almost all cases though, the tutoring will help boost your grades to a level you will be satisfied with.  Most of my students return for tutoring for 2 additional semesters.  

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You just need to show up.  That's all I ask  :).  After each tutoring 

session, you will know what needs to be done to further understand what you just learned.   We all have busy schedules so I understand if you sometimes cannot find time to prepare for 

a tutoring session.  I design the sessions expecting you to not have done any studying.  

How do I prepare for a tutoring session?

Anywhere that's convenient for you!  Some students prefer in-home, some online, some at public libraries, some at the university.  The choice is yours.  

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Where do you tutor? 
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