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High School Math Tutoring

I help students with all grades of math at the high school level, including Data Management, Advanced Functions, and Calculus and Vectors.  I have significant past experience in tutoring which will help me in providing you with some of the best tutoring service you can get.

You should not have to settle for low marks.  Math should not scare you or cause stress.  If you follow my recommendations there is no reason why you will not do well.    It’s often the case that your child isn’t doing well because they need someone who explains math a little bit better than their teacher.  With one to one tutoring, I can assess where you are after 1 or 2 sessions.  Most students are surprised when I tell them I know more about their courses than their own teacher, but it’s usually true.    Read more

Online Math Tutoring

Do you have a busy schedule and want some convenient tutoring in the comfort of your home?  I have spent a significant amount of time coming up with the best tutoring experience for someone that cannot meet in person.  You can be assured that your tutoring needs will taken care of whether in-person or online.  Read more.  

UWO Math Tutoring 

Do you struggle to understand your professor?  Do you feel overwhelmed by the pace of your math courses at Western?   As I regularly tutor 20 mathematics and statistics courses at Western, I am familiar with what you need to know.  Read more.  

Career Counselling

Do you need help picking your math courses?  Have you been to your guidance counsellor and came out lost?  Do you want another opinion? Let me help you with crucial decisions that could make a huge difference in your career path.  Whether you are in university or high school, I can help you to ensure you take the right steps towards a rewarding career.   Read more.  

Small Group Review Sessions

Do you have a small group of friends and would like me to do some review with you just before a test or final exam?  I am an expert at preparing students for exams.  Contact me in advance so that I may find out an optimal time for all of you.  Read more.  

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