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Currently I tutor the following courses at the University of Western Ontario (UWO):

Mathematics Courses

Math 0110, Calc 1000, Calc 1301, Calc 1500, Calc 1501, Calc 2303,  Math 1110, Math 1225, Math 1228, Math 1229, Math 1230,  Amath 1201, Amath 1413, Math 1600, Math 2120, Math 2122, Math 2124, Math 2155

Statistics Courses

Stats 1023, Stats 1024, Stats 2035, Psych 2810, Psych 2810E, Psych 2830, Moss 2242, Soc 2205, Health Sciences 2801, Health Sciences 3801

FACT #1:  All students I help that have had other tutors and have had disappointing marks improve their marks by double digits.  In many instances, I have seen students see an improvement of 20%+.  For this reason alone, I think results attained from my top quality  tutoring lessons are not matched anywhere on campus.  This is especially true in math 1228, 1229, 1225, Stats 2035 and Psych 2810.  

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Message to parents:

I can help your child learn math in shorter periods of time with top quality private lessons so that they are less stressed, have to study less on their own and get more time to study for other courses(!).  With thousands of hours of one to one tutoring experience, you can be rest assured your child will be well taken care of by the #1 math tutor at UWO  :).   Within a week or two of tutoring, most of my students refer a friend to me for math tutoring :).    I genuinely care about all my students.  Every parent I talk to tell me how happy their child is with all the help and encouragement I provide. It’s nothing like what they are used to from their other tutors back in high school.

For more details about me, see the meet Mr.Emin page.  

FACT #2:  9/10 students refer me to a friend for tutoring after one tutoring session!

As a student, when you take 4 to 7 courses, it sometimes is difficult to keep up with everything and not fall behind.  I offer what I consider to be the absolute best one to one tutoring service on campus to help you learn the concepts in less time so that you have to study less and get better marks.  You will find that in one hour of tutoring, you will easily learn the content taught by your professor in 3 lectures.   You will learn concepts really well!  What makes me the best tutor at Western is very simple, I am a life long learner.  Every year I learn new teaching techniques, use new examples and contemplate on what I can do to make my students better understand math.

  “Mr. E is a life saver! He is so knowledgable regarding many math courses at Western, putting the most complex equations into simple form. When you work with Mr. E, you get the feeling that he is only successful when you are. He gives so much support and has always gone out of his way to ensure I thoroughly understand all concepts before my evaluations. Mr. E gives the best pointers before an exam, he knows all the tips and things to focus on the day before an evaluation. Without Mr. E, I would be no where near as successful!

(Natalia, Math 1225, Stats 2035 student)

See more testimonials like this at my testimonials page.

FACT #3: I have private tutored more than 1,500 students in London, Ontario.

I teach mathematics the way it should be taught with fantastic examples and questions for each topic.  When a student comes to me I teach as if they have never seen each topic.  I approach questions the way a student would think about them and move on at their pace.  The explanations I provide are more clear than those provided by your professor or an unqualified tutor.  When teaching in a lecture, the instructor doesn’t have to worry about how much you understand.  I can tell you that usually the concepts are not complicated at all and all you need is someone to explain it the way a natural teacher would.  This is why my students see a significant improvement in their grades and are less stressed.  Life is too short to stress about math :).


Very often I have students who have not done well with other inexperienced tutors before.  Remember just because someone is doing a master’s or Ph.D. in statistics it doesn’t mean they understand or can help you understand the content for math 1228 for instance.   It’s important to learn math every week so you don’t fall behind.  I hear all kinds of stories such as “my tutor only explained certain concepts, told me to learn the rest by reading the textbook” or “I felt bad so I just kept going to the same tutor”.   You are paying for this service so if your tutor is not helpful, try another one.  If I’m not helpful, get another tutor.   I explain all topics you want to cover.   At each tutoring session I start teaching you from the beginning of a unit until the end of it.  I also answer all questions you may have.

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